Lake Lashes was founded by P.N.W. local 16 year cosmetologist, Andrea Sitton. After being in the beauty industry for years Andrea noticed her hair client's requesting lash services as add ons from other techs. When the opportunity arose to learn lashes Andrea quickly jumped in and went full force learning from another local tech who was extremely successful in the industry. After two months her lash client's booking over powered her hair client's and she had to choose. Andrea made the bold decision to quit hair all together and lash full time. Taking another local training from another tech she learned how to hand make fans and branch into the industry. Another twist came when Andrea decided to move from a day Spa to an office building full of insurance companies and she thought there was no way client's would come see her in an ugly building in a tiny room but they did. Her business kept flourishing even outside of a day spa setting. She then decided to fly to Arizona from a qualified training from Lash Affair and then came Covid and the lockdowns. Paying for an empty room with no ability to create income for months Andrea made another bold leap, she decided to start her own line of lashes. Seeking out the best quality lashes and dipping into all her savings while having no income she put everything on the line to create her brand of lashes. After many trail and errors and more money than she would like to repeat she created Lake Lashes. Andrea tested her new products on her client's after coming back from the shutdown verses her previous high end products and her client's were amazed how more dark and bolder their lashes looked! Client's loved the products and fanning the product was even easier than the five other major brands she had tried before. Lashing 12 hour days after being back from lockdown she realized lashes were here to stay. Client's would risk it all to have beautiful lashes and were officially addicted and so was she to their happiness! Then it started, in November of 2020 Andrea had 3 girls request to learn lashes from her. Although she was not planning on starting an education class she knew there is a lot of misinformation in the industry and a lack of quality education in the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene area and jumped in again creating course content, kits and live training. This is all how Lake Lashes Academy started! 

Now Andrea provides high end quality lashes to the PNW. She has opened a retail location in a new build location in Liberty Lake, WA. She provides monthly trainings and has been a trainer for Headmasters Beauty School in CDA and Paul Mitchell School in Tri-Cities as well as LaRive Spa in Northern Quest Casino's five start spa. Blending her love for the beauty industry and education she wanted to provide an opportunity for local lash techs to have access to quality products (that they didn't need to wait for shipping) and world class education.

Andrea is so thankful for God for opening doors in this industry! She is blessed to have a wonderful husband (aka man behind Lake Lashes who has created this website) and two amazing kids. She lives in the P.N.W. and when she is not lashing or educating (which is rare) she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, boating on CDA and testing local cuisine (also because she is not the best cook good thing she can lash because should would have never made it as a chef). 

Thank you for all of your support! Andrea and her family would like to thank you for shopping with Lake Lashes and they wanted to share how much they appreciate you choosing Lake Lashes products. Wishing you all the best in the industry (feel free to text or DM) we want you to reach out and know we are here for you. Wether you are a new lash artist starting out or a veteran in the industry we appreciate your support, no matter how many followers or likes you get you'll always have our support! We want to change the industry creating healthy lashes for client's and help you have client's for life!

Happy Lashing & Many Blessings from

Andrea and the Lake Lashes Team