It’s time for a refresh! Want to be successful? You need to walk into your studio with eyes like a customer. What do you smell (essential oils? Candle? Old air freshener?). Next what do you see (are you welcomed in or do you sit in an empty room?). Is it clean from the front entry to the bathroom. Next is service what does your provider look like? Do they have lashes? Do they appear professional? How is their ability to talk to you and read your body language? Often we get so used to our routine as a business owner, provider, lash artist we forget the experience. Think Walt Disney (did you know they pump the smell of popcorn so you want to eat it). When you walk in to Disney it’s always smiles and happy faces (think the workers are always happy?-no but it’s okay sometimes as a business you need to fake happy) try to walk through your business and do a refresh. Clear out some decor, switch it up and remember it’s not always how it looks but how they “feel” make sure they feel like a million dollars when they leave and always try to be a bright light in their day-they are coming to you for lashes and a relaxing time! 
Happy Lashing,

Andrea & Lake Lashes Supplies