Did you know that when you asses a client’s lash health you will make more money? Say what?! That’s right every time I go over a consultation with a client I let them know the current state of their lashes. 

Brittle, weak, short, thin, sparse lashes can make you great money; why?…because most lash techs don’t asses lash health or even mention it to their clients. This will make you stand apart from the others and create value in your knowledge. Secondly, you open the opportunity to sell a growth serum (which many clients need to bump up their growth and repair from past tech’s damage). Finally, you can solve a problem for your client; filling in a lash gap or damage from a lash curler can make them feel better. Giving them confidence and helping them feel beautiful on the daily is such a rewarding career! You get to make clients happy all day and feel younger, prettier, confident and we can’t wait for you to start with assessing their lash health! For tips and tricks on how to evaluate their lashes follow us on IG and TT. 
Happy Lashing, 
Your Lash Captain Andrea