How to choose your prices?

How to choose your prices?

Are you struggling at what to price your sets and fills? Here are some things to think about:

1. Are you fully booked? (Yes? Are your prices too low? Give yourself a raise!)

2. Are you new and inexperienced? (Start out less and ask for referrals. This is a great way to build. Capture clients on a budget.)

3. Do you provide excellent service above and beyond the competition? (P.S. I hate the word “competition”, there’s so many eyeballs enough for everyone to lash. No one is your “competition” know that we are ALL a team making this industry better-no scarcity!) Make sure if you are priced in line with other techs or just above that you step it up. Offer a complimentary paraffin dip or an eye mask. Be creative! 

When starting out it’s better to charge less and get super booked and then later to need to raise your prices. Don’t complain when you are not busy if your fresh out of beauty school and you can’t understand why you are booked out making 6 figs. Put in the time, work nights and weekends (that’s when people who have to work have time to come in and pay for your services). 😉 
I literally raised my prices at 2 months into lashing but I put in my dues. I paid two people to train me, I worked on clients for free for experience and I started at $50 full sets. I did NOT make a bunch of money (helps if you are NOT rich 🤑 when starting this style you won’t be disappointed 😂 not making much) but the point is that you learn how to work on live human people who, move, wiggle, tear/water, have to pee, have different shaped eyes and of course flutter (thanks for downing that coffee or Red Bull before your appointment said no tech ever!). Trust me when I say this technique works- I went from $50 full sets to $280 in 2 YEARS! That’s a big difference and I can proudly say I earned that. I hustled and I worked late (claim to fame 2am but that wasn’t smart my client had the best lash nap and I was sooooo tired the next day but she had beautiful lashes). I had 5am client who was nurse and would get off work and come see me and still to this day I have 8pm regulars. Money isn’t going to be handed to you because you opened your doors. There are many MANY many lash techs out there so you need to figure out how to set yourself apart. If you need help DM me I am happy to help! I’ve been where you’re at and I know the struggle. It’s hard to work so hard for so little in the beginning but trust me that as your technique improves so will your income! Think positive and look forward to your future self-YOU will make the money and your client will love you and be super loyal but pamper your client. Even if you just have one make it the best experience ever so they get jazzed to see you and feel special! You’ll be booked out before you know it!

Happy Lashing,

Your Lash Captain Andrea 

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