Consult Tips From An Expert

Consult Tips From An Expert

Do you book out consults? I laugh every time someone jumps on the table and lays down and doesn’t even give me a chance to look in their eyes! 🤣 How do you know where to place the accent lash if you don’t asses their eye shape and lash health?! Here’s what I do:

1. Waivers & Forms

2. Chat about risks (allergy to glue)

3. Take pics of eyes front open, closed, side open, closed, close up and full face

4. Chat about eye shape, lid of eye, eyebrow to eye length, brow bone, hood of eye. 

5. Set expectations (make sure the client and yourself are on the same page of what their lashes can handle for length and volume)

6. Have clients wash lashes & get comfy 

This is my rundown. It simple and basic but it does take 10-20 minutes depending on the client. You’re probably thinking, “No way am I wasting that much time chatting when I could be lashing!” guess what, this is making you money. This is setting you up for success! You need to see what your client wants and figure out how to shape the lash line and do any corrections. How will you know what to do for their lashes if you’re already taping them by the time you chat about lashes and their head has hit the pillow? 
I know it’s scary taking time but with every new client full set OR transfer we chat. Also, before each fill I ask, “What did you think of your lashes? Did you want to mix it up and try something different or did you like what we did before?”

Let your client know you care. They are not just another set of lashes and money; that you are there to pamper them and custom design their lashes! This is your art they are your canvas! 

Happy Lashing,

Your Lash Captain Andrea 

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